Recent sports news from the USA highlighted the challenges, opportunities, and concerns of black athletes. Issues relating to African sports officials were also among the topics in Black History Month , 2020.

The NBA proprietor, Mark Cuban, has earned a household name, thanks to his business ideas and straightforward opinions. He reached out to Cynt Marshall, inviting her to join the Dallas Mavericks Organization

In an interview, Marshall stated that she never knew who Mark Cuban was when the offer emerged. She is a mother of four and has made significant career progress in the past. …

The power crisis impacting the state of Texas has left millions of people without reliable electricity and heat. Some people have lost their lives, and many others have been put in dangerous housing situations. However, human beings are far from the only ones suffering.

Many pet owners left their animals outside in all of this. In some cases, it was just absentmindedly. Though in others, it was deliberate. Whatever the reason, domesticated animals left outside in weather like this would freeze to death, develop hypothermia, starve, and much more.

Wild animals are suffering greatly too. The cold weather that has…

Activist Spotlight: Angela Davis

Angela Davis is a significant political figure for her radical activism on racial, gender, and economic justice.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1944, where the Ku Klux Klan was extremely active, Davis learned about the violence of white supremacy at a young age.

She moved away from the south in her teenage years, first to New York and then to West Germany to study philosophy and Marxism.

Amid the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, Davis joined the Black Panthers and an all-Black branch of the Communist Party. She was hired for her first teaching job…

Donating to a deserving animal charity accomplishes multiple things. You feel good about yourself. The charity gets a much-needed financial boost. Animals are saved from horrific fates. You get a nice tax deduction.

The challenge most people face is knowing which animal charity they should support. If you want to donate but aren’t sure who to make the check out to, here are some of the best animal charities to support in 2021.

Your Favorite Local Animal Rescue

If you take a few minutes to look, you’ll likely find that there are several fantastic animal rescues in your community. Each of these would welcome your…

As wintertime approaches, many pet owners settle around the fireplace with their beloved companions. It’s a time of giving, and as such, your furry friend deserves warm care to combat the freezing temperatures.

But not all that snows is sparkling. Gather around, pet owners, and be aware of these risks that cold weather poses to your pooch.

Get a preventative care exam. Not only are animals prone to sickness during winter, but colder climates may also exacerbate certain medical conditions.

Coretta Scott King, the wife of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was a civil rights leader and activist for decades. From her earliest work at her husband’s side to her recent activism, King proved a leading light in the fight to create a better, fairer world.

Childhood and Education

Born in Marion, Alabama, Coretta Scott followed her stellar high school career with multiple college degrees. She studied education and music at Antioch College in Ohio before moving on to the New England Conservatory of Music to study choir singing. While in Boston, she met a young theology student and quickly fell…

The global wildlife trade is a vast, multibillion-dollar industry, which has led to millions of animals being captured, killed, and trafficked every year. This awful practice places a great deal of pressure on thousands of species and is one of the leading factors endangering global animal populations. Here are three important reasons to fight for a ban on international wildlife trade.

1. Disease control

Animal-borne illnesses, also known as zoonotic infections, have caused numerous epidemics over the last few years. Swine flu, Zika virus, Ebola, and Covid-19 are some of the latest pathogens spread from animals to humans. Banning the…

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, champion of labor and advocate for women’s rights, was born in August of 1890 in Concord, New Hampshire. She came from a family of activists and Irish nationalists.

From an early age, Flynn dedicated herself to the socialist movement. She saw the Irish suffer from discriminatory practices and felt the socialist views were more in line with creating fairness and equity toward the common man. Elizabeth’s journey started when, at the age of fifteen, she gave a speech on socialism. That speech propelled her into a lifelong journey advocating for the average worker.

In 1920 Flynn took…

The Benefits of Adopting Older Animals

Puppies and kittens are usually the first to be snatched up at animal shelters, which is great news for them! Unfortunately, older animals often sit in shelters for weeks, months, or even years waiting to be adopted. There’s really no good reason for this, since there are many benefits that come along with adopting older animals. Here are just a few.

  1. They have a well-established temperament.

Older animals have outgrown the puppy and kitten stage and have established their temperament by now. On your part, there’s no guesswork as to whether they will be…

There are many components that comprise a solid law school application. One such element is a well-written and informative personal statement. To produce the best possible personal statement and earn your spot in law school, follow these tips.

Understanding The Importance Of A Personal Statement

Understanding the significance of this document is crucial. A personal statement is a brief autobiographical piece that informs law school admissions departments who you are and why you’re a viable candidate. When authoring the piece, you should explain what exactly has inspired you to pursue a career in law. The reasons included should not be…

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Suzanne is the Assistant General Counsel for @StateBarCA. Graduate of Boston University.

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